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Tuesday 13th June

An Introduction To Sensor Validation (In-person)

Sensors are everywhere, in your phone, your smart watch, in your home and in almost every aspect of manufacturing processes. These sensors provide us with data that we use for a variety of purposes. Whatever we use them for, we need to be sure that what they tell us is correct otherwise the information that they provide is useless. Bad data equals bad decisions, good data adds to our knowledge and helps us to make better decisions. Bad decisions can be a commercial disaster, good data can lead to less waste and better quality resulting in improved and more robust income.

How do we know if our sensors are giving good data ? Sensor validation is critical to this understanding, telling us not only how well they are performing and whether they are within their specified performance parameters, but also gives an understanding of how much we can trust them to continue to provide good data.

Join us at this event to hear more about this topic and to question the speakers about their work and how this could potentially help your business.

Please arrive from 3pm for networking, the talks will begin at 3.30pm, followed by more time for networking after.

We would be delighted if you could join us in person for this event, however if you wish to join in remotely, tickets for the online event can be found here: