Business Regulators

Sheffield City Region Growth Hub is working with the local business regulator community to improve the delivery and access to regulatory services. It aims to encourage more businesses to seek advice to promote business success through effective access to regulators. It’s also about making sure that regulators and regulatory staff understand how businesses operate and the pressures they face.

Regulatory services are those public sector organisations that carry out inspections, visits, and investigations to check that businesses are compliant with the law. They also provide advice and guidance to businesses on how to achieve compliance. Meeting regulation is not as difficult as businesses first think.

Better Business for All



Better Business for All (BBFA) is a government initiated partnership between business and regulators and aims to support businesses primarily by making business regulations easier to access and understand focussed on Food Safety, Health & Safety, Environmental Protection, Waste, Licensing, Fire Safety, Trading Standards, Taxation, Employment Law, Business Continuity, Planning, Building Control, and Trading Standards. Local regulators in South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority are committed to supporting businesses by providing advice and guidance that helps them understand how to meet their responsibilities.

Local Regulators Partnership

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s BBfA partnership is in place to deliver the approach to reducing regulatory burdens on businesses, and work on shifting the focus from enforcement to business support and for improving accessibility to all regulatory services for businesses, which can all be accessed via the SYMCA Growth Hub.

We at the Growth Hub continually hear businesses expressing that regulatory advice is difficult to access and needs simplifying. The Growth Hub provides a single point of access for all the SYMCA’s regulatory business support services.