India E-Commerce Support

The India e-commerce market is valued at US$ 120 billion and is growing at a 51% rate, offering UK businesses great opportunities across multiple sectors.

The UK India Business Council and the Department of International Trade are inviting businesses to work with them on a ‘digital-first’ project encouraging a faster route to India market through e-commerce solutions.

Through this support scheme, you will receive:

  • Support on products, pricing, marketing, and operations strategy.
  • Robust supply chain support from experienced logistics partners.
  • A secure process of repatriating funds, supported by the partners.
  • Complementary marketing support from e-commerce platforms.
  • Shared risk between multiple e-commerce platforms e.g. Amazon, ClickOnCare.
  • A transparent sales process with sales and stocks reports at regular intervals.
  • A transparent cost and pricing structure with inputs from all partners.
  • UK brand control throughout the process including on pricing and promotion.
  • A dedicated account manager in the UK supported by the UKIBC.
  • Market intelligence, regulatory compliances, on ground assistance – as required.
  • Facilitation on commercial discussions with the platforms, partners, and overallmanagement of the project working with the Department for International Trade.

To find out more, read their brochure or contact our e-commerce expert at to discuss.