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Whether you are new to selling your goods and services overseas, or experienced in international trade, the South Yorkshire Growth Hub can help your business to achieve its international potential.

Too many businesses are reliant on the domestic UK market and fail to take advantage of the significant opportunities that are available across the globe. Whilst significant opportunities exist, there are barriers that regional businesses face in operating internationally. These barriers are often particular to your business circumstances. The role of the Growth Hub is to work together with you to help you overcome these barriers.

Current schemes available:

UK Tradeshow Programme (UKTP)

The UK Tradeshow Programme offers government support to help UK businesses successfully attend or exhibit at overseas trade shows.

UK businesses exporting, or thinking about exporting, can apply for support to:

  • exhibit at, or attend, approved overseas trade shows and conferences
  • potentially receive grants to offset some costs

To find out more and if your business is eligible, click here.

DIT Export Support Service (ESS)

The ESS is a free government service run by the Department for International Trade. The ESS helpline and online service is the first point of contact for all UK businesses to get answers to questions about exporting their products or services to customers in Europe. No matter the size of your business, how much you export or where in the UK you are based, you can use the service to get answers to your questions. It can also help you navigate other government services, so you can find further support about trading with Europe or other countries, such as DIT’s International Trade Advisers and the Export Academy.

Get in touch with the Export Support Service by visiting or by calling 0300 303 8955. 

To dowload the Export Support Service Business Toolkit, click here.

Export Academy

The Export Academy, from the DIT, gives small and micro-businesses in the Yorkshire and the Humber region the know-how to sell to customers around the world with confidence. Delivered by experts, the virtual workshops are designed to equip businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to reach the global market and achieve their full potential. The nine workshops cover topics such as preparing to do international business, basic export procedures and international market research. To find out more and if your business is eligible, click here.

Exporting for Growth

Exporting for Growth, from the DIT, is aimed at Yorkshire and the Humber businesses wanting to develop their international business or get started with international trade. Eligible businesses will receive impartial and tailored advice from an International Trade Adviser who will be happy to assist businesses throughout the process and project. To find out more and if your business is eligible, click here.

Selling Overseas Accelerator Programme

The Selling Online Overseas Accelerator Programme (SOOAP) is once again available for businesses and now live for registrations within Export Academy. The scheme is a 3-week mini-series made up of 6 beginner level one-hour webinars designed to give businesses the knowledge they need to use online channels to sell overseas. The topics include developing your website for international markets, exporting through e-marketplaces and attracting and converting business through your website. This SOOAP has been condensed to deliver beginner level sessions only. e-Commerce support for more experienced online exporters will be available in the coming weeks.To find out more and if your business is eligible, click here.

 India Ecommerce Support

The UKIBC and the DIT are inviting businesses to work with them on a ‘digital-first’ project encouraging a faster route to India market through e-commerce solutions. Through this scheme, you will receive support on products, pricing, marketing, and operations strategy, robust supply chain support from experienced logistics partners and a secure process of repatriating funds, supported by the partners – plus much more. To find out more and if your business is eligible, click here.

Exporting is not difficult, It’s just different.

Research consistently shows that exporting can help your business to achieve faster and more sustainable growth. In fact, this is often the single biggest benefit of exporting. Growth through trading internationally is likely to increase your turnover through accessing new overseas customers, reduce your costs through an increase in volume, and increase your staffing levels in order to fulfil international orders. Business productivity, innovation and efficiencies are highly likely fostering new ideas for your products and services. Evidence also suggests that businesses are more likely to survive as exporting overseas helps to increase the commercial lifespan of existing products and services.

5 steps to winning business overseas

  1. Deciding to go for it

Like any new business venture, international trade requires a clear strategy and an investment of time, effort and money. Many find the prospect of tackling a new market daunting and are concerned about the changes they may have to make in areas such as staff skills, websites, and packaging. However, by first considering the risks and taking the proper precautions, the rewards can far outweigh the challenges

  1. Deciding where to go

In many instances this decision will be made for you. It could be that you’re already seeing lots of visits to your website from a specific country, indicating that there’s a clear interest, or it could be as simple as an overseas business contacting you and placing an order.

For others, it will require careful research and planning to identify where there’s a demand for your offer and whether it will be viable to export your products or services to that market and still make a profit.

  1. Getting out there

You’ve made the decision, identified where there’s a clear demand for your products or services and the time has come to head out to your new market and win business. The temptation will be to race out there and start knocking on doors, but there are a few key considerations

  1. Completing the deal

You’ve made it to a new market, your product or service has proved to be a hit and you’ve secured your first sale. However, a deal is never done until the delivery has been made and you’ve been paid.

There are a number of things to consider in completing a sale and, just like business in the UK, there are a number of ways to ensure you deliver on time and secure payment…

  1. Growing further

Inevitably, once you’ve seen the potential of international trade the next step will be to find more overseas customers and enter even more new markets. After breaking into your first country, you’ll have gained the experience and skills in your business that you need to export further, but you still need to think carefully about where to go next.

In many instances, it will be worth developing your skills and knowledge further

Still need convincing? There is lots of support available to assist you on your export journey:

Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade (DIT) Yorkshire and Humber can help your business thrive overseas whether you are already an experienced exporter, or just about to start your export journey.

DIT’s varied and detailed export programmes offer something for every type of business.

To find out more, please contact the DIT Yorkshire and the Humber customer services team – or call +44 (0) 300 365 1000.

UK Export Finance

UKEF is the government department which helps exporters with a range of products particularly for SME and mid-sized exporters who can’t get finance and/or insurance from their bank and/or trade credit insurer.

To find out more,  please contact the Export Finance Advisor covering the SCR – Robin Priestley on or call Robin in 07964 108 726.

Other Opportunities for Support

Our Support Finder lists all support projects and initiatives available that focus on export, that are currently available that we know of. Our Business Tools provide links and useful information around exporting. Feel free to have a browse at the different options available to you.

We also have an interactive calendar of events that details all known events taking place focussing around export, and opportunities that may be of interest to you. If you know of something taking place that you can’t see on the calendar, but believe would be of use to fellow businesses in the region, please do submit details here.

Contact the Growth Hub team to find out how we can support you in your overseas growth – or take a look at our events calendar to find out about suitable events and take the next step on your international journey