Brexit Information

The UK has left the EU single market and customs union and the end of the transition period will affect businesses. It is important that you check what the EU exit means for your business and take action now:

If you would like support in navigating the guidance contact the Growth Hub’s UK Transition Advisor who can guide you through and help with all your enquiries.

Brexit Checklists

Government has put together a list of actions that will help you to identify what your business needs to do now. Find out more information and complete the checklists following the links below:

Services and Investment Checklist

Transition Period Master Checklist

The checklist process is easy to follow and allows you to sign up for the business bulletin that is tailored to your business needs.

It’s important that you follow these key steps now:

✓ Make sure you have a GB EORI number (4 days lead time)

✓ See if your imported goods are eligible for staged controls

✓ Check the Controlled goods list to see if you need to complete declarations

✓ Decide how you’re going to make customs declarations

✓ Check if Import VAT is due at the border

✓ Decide how you will account for import VAT when you make a customs declaration

There are also a number of resources on the government website that will help your business prepare.

Government advice

Guidance is offered in how to prepare across 9 criteria, please click on the links below to discover specific information.

On-Demand Guidance Videos

To support businesses through the changes required for Brexit, the Business Department has launched a series of new, on demand videos, to help firms familiarise themselves with the new rules.

Businesses can select which videos to view from the list or can choose their sector and see videos that are recommended for them.

There is a full range of topics covered, including importing and exporting, trade, Rules of Origin, tariffs, data, and audit and accounting.

To view the new videos, click here.

Get Brexit business alerts

Businesses can sign up to get personalised Government alerts to help them with Brexit changes.

You will receive a tailored list of actions to complete, as well as the option to sign up for relevant email alerts at the end of the survey.

Any new information released that affects your business will come direct to your inbox.

Answer the survey and sign up for updates here.


Action leaflet for UK exporters

A new leaflet has been released outlining important actions for UK exporters to take before the new rules commence.

The leaflet includes links to a number of sources on the Government website that will help your business prepare for the new regulations if you export to the EU or rest of the world.

There will also be a number of webinars taking place to assist businesses in getting their preparations completed.

Access the leaflet and events here:

More Support

Key sources of support and guidance can be found from:

  • The European Commission who offer information on how the UK’s exit from the EU will affect companies if they partake in certain processes. There is a checklist for traders on the website and publications that can be accessed. Access European Commission Resources
  • The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) who provide business owners with a Small Business EU Exit Hub. This Hub pack was created to help smaller businesses understand and prepare for what comes after the end of the transition period later this year. The Hub also contains further reading resources and reports on some of FSB’s research into EU exit. Access FSB EU Exit Pack
  • The British Chambers of Commerce who look to assist businesses to consider how to plan for the future, and have prepared checklists and useful guidance and dashboards to assist. Access Chamber EU Exit Planning Assistance