There’s help at hand with the data rules

When GDPR came into effect on Friday 25 May it toughened up and modernised the rules regarding the processing of personal data.

There are training session you can attend – see the Growth Hub events calendar at to see what awareness raising events are taking place that could help benefit your business in being GDPR compliant.

We’re one week into GDPR now and it’s a racing certainty that many businesses are still confused and possibly worried.

One very helpful source of information is the Information Commissioner’s Office – This covers all areas of the new regulations, explains under what circumstances you should inform the ICO if you have a breach, and also provides a simple self-assessment test for businesses wondering whether the rules apply to them:

On the same page you can also find a list of FAQs for small businesses in a range of sectors including financial services, hospitality, education, health and charity, plus a small business advice line and live chat service.

So how can companies check they are complying with the law? Take a look at the package of tools on the Information Commissioner’s Office website specifically for small businesses:

Last but not definitely not least: the penalties for not following the rules. Not only can non-compliance cause businesses reputational damage, fines get higher the more serious the breach of the rules. The maximum fine a company can face is 4% of its annual global turnover, or €20 million, whichever is the highest. Less serious violations, such as having improper records, or failing to notify of any breaches, can be fined a maximum of 2% of annual global turnover, or €10 million.