SCR Growth Hub helps small businesses protect themselves against cyber-attacks with Masterclass support

The Sheffield City Region Growth Hub is educating businesses in the region to be mindful of their cyber security and offering a free practical Masterclass to demonstrate why businesses should not assume they are safe from cyberattacks and that they are fully complaint with data protection laws and combat cybercrimes.

The common misconception is that small businesses are not worth cyberattacking which can create a relaxed attitude amongst business owners. However, this can be a major downfall which the Masterclass hosted by AAG IT Services and ThinkMarble, cyber security specialists, aims to demonstrate.

Small businesses often lack necessary in-house experience with dealing with cybercrime, including hacking, ‘phishing’ and ransomware attacks, which can put attackers at an advantage they wouldn’t necessarily have with larger companies. However, taking simple security steps and taking time to understand the risks can significantly improve a small businesses defences.
Many small businesses are also still unsure about the new data protection law which can put businesses at a financial risk if non-complaint with the new regulations.

Robert Wassall, Director of Legal Services at ThinkMarble states “In an ever changing Cyber & Information Security landscape and with the ever-increasing importance of good data protection, it’s vital that the key decision-makers in every organisation are aware of the risks they face, and of their responsibilities under data protection law. The Masterclass we are hosting will provide the knowledge required to enable you to make informed strategic decisions around your Cyber & Information Security.”

The Masterclass will include a live demonstration of a Cyber Hack and a Q&A session on data protection. Businesses interested in the free Masterclass on Thursday 17th January 2019, at Barnsley Digital Media Centre, should book fast as there are limited spaces available. Discover more here: