New Funding Programme Announced: Analysis for Innovators

Analysis for Innovators is a new funding programme from Innovate UK that targets competitiveness and productivity head on, by offering cutting edge R&D, expertise and facilities to UK companies that want to solve an analysis or measurement problem from within their existing business.

This could be an issue of precision or accuracy of measurement on a production line for example, which you have been unable to solve using standard available technologies and techniques.

Since this is addressing real problems you have with existing processes in your business, it will be of interest to companies that previously didn’t consider applying for R&D funding. Any size business with any type of measurement or analysis problem are able to apply.

Analysis for Innovators (A4I) won’t open until January 2017, but Innovate UK and KTN are running a special series of roadshow events around the UK in the two months before Christmas to explain the programme and how it differs from other funding competitions, both in terms of its scope and the application process and schedule.

A4I will be run as a two stage scheme, and at the first stage, businesses are not required to describe the project that they want to do; instead they will need to describe the problem: its nature, any techniques that have already tried and the value to the business of solving it.

This very different approach means that a very different application process will be necessary.

The Northern Region briefing is being held in Darlington on the 1st December 2016 in order to hear about the £6.5m competition and a different approach to Innovate UK funding at the A4I. Roadshows are being held across the UK during November and December.  All tickets can be obtained from the website below.

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