Growth Hub Enhancement Project

Are you a business looking to grow?

Do you need specialist support with a project?

Are you interested in accessing grant support?

What is the Enhancement Project

The Growth Hub Enhancement Project can provide you with specialist support to help you achieve the growth you are working towards. Access one of the three streams of support including 50% grants toward eligible growth projects of up to £10,000,  or you could opt to receive one to one advice from a local support advisor as well as also accessing a range of free specialist masterclasses.

A Growth Specialist will work with you at no cost to understand your business challenges, helping to scope out the support and any growth project and where applicable, apply for a grant to help you achieve the growth you are looking for. The project is part funded by the European Union and we can help with one to one support or assist with projects up to £10,000 with a maximum of a £5,000 grant towards the project.


Areas of Support

There are three streams of support which include:

Specialist Grant Support Grants at a 50% contribution are available to support specialist consultancy projects, ranging in value from £2,500 – £10,000. This bespoke and practical support will be provided by external private sector consultants and advisors of your choice, who will assist in achieving your growth objectives.

Masterclasses There will be an ongoing programme of masterclasses held across the region, with key subject areas being those where there is demand from businesses, these are free and are aimed at supporting the growth of the business.

Key Account Manager Support There are 11 Key Account Managers based across the 4 South Yorkshire Local Authority Teams, who are available to deliver intensive one-to-one assistance to businesses to help with business growth. Businesses can choose the support that best suits them.

Is it for my Business

  1. Is your business currently growing or looking to grow?
  2. Are you at a point where you need additional support to continue to grow?
  3. Do you have a great idea for a new product or service but need advice on how to progress?
  4. Do you need help to Implement a key initiative such as Lean, ISO or CE Marking?
  5. Have you considered developing a business strategy, but need help in doing so?
  6. Would you benefit from advice on how to develop new customers?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the Enhancement Project may be for you.

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