Get to know the Growth Hub

Sheffield City Region Growth Hub gathered together delegates and key stakeholders on Friday 21st of October to provide an update on the Growth Hub.

Representatives from all nine local authority areas that make up the Sheffield City Region were in attendance as well as other key stakeholders who play a part in help in the running of the Growth Hub.

David Grimes, head of the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub, was the main speaker for the day, as nearly 100 people attended the half-day event at The Source Academy in Sheffield.

There was integrated social media content on the day with the hashtag #SCRGrowthHub started trending in Sheffield on Twitter. The Growth Hub trending on Twitter was a great success as it raised awareness of everything the Growth Hub has to offer to businesses located around the region.

Attendees were then given the opportunity to attend break-out sessions on the different parts of the Growth Hub including Launchpad, Skills Bank, Access to Finance, Growth Demand, Exporting and Inward Investment.

A final question and answer was then held in the main hall with nine key members of the Growth Hub and its surrounding team fielding questions. Questions included the future of the Growth Hub, how the Growth Hub ensures communications to businesses going forward, and the use of a variety of content to showcase everything great about the city region.

David Grimes said: “It was a great event to get everyone talking about the Growth Hub and show that everyone in the event has played a crucial part to play in what the Growth Hub is today and how they are helping to move it forward.

“We’re really excited about where the Growth Hub is going and the event was our way of thanking everyone for the hard work that they’ve put in so far.”