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Tuesday 14th May

Zinc: Northern Show & Tell

Event Venue and Description – Terminal 2, Wharf Street, Victoria Quays, Sheffield

On 1st of October 2018, 50 entrepreneurs from around the world joined Zinc’s second programme, with the shared ambition of building new, scalable, mission-led companies from scratch.  Each of theses entrepreneurs set out to create new products and services that could unlock new opportunities for people in places that have been hard hit by globalisation and automation.

Over the last six months, with the right mix of creativity, entrepreneurship, science and technology, these 50 entrepreneurs have identified a problem area, begun to develop and test new approaches to tackling that problem, and put together a team that can bring their vision to life.  They have been supported by more than 100 experts and 25 executive coaches.

There are now 18 companies in the Mission 2 Portfolio, developing a diverse set of innovative solutions in areas such as transportation, mental health, education, fashion, sexual harassment, mentoring and care work.

This event will showcase these 18 companies, and all that the entrepreneurs have achieved.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.