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Monday 3rd February

The Sales Growth Club Live – Business Strategy

Event Venue and Description – The OEC, Hillsborough, Sheffield

Many businesses invest time in developing a good Business Plan.  This Business Plan focuses on marketing, branding, pricing, costs and a set of business goals.  But what is missing for too often in a Business Plan is a Sales Plan and this is a key reason why businesses do not see the Sales Growth they anticipate.

A Sales Plan lays out objectives, high-level tactics, target audience and potential obstacles.  It is like a traditional Business Plan, but focuses specifically on Sales Strategy.  A Business Plan lays out your goals, but a Sales Plan describes exactly how you will make them happen.  Without a Sales Plan you sales results are down to hard work and luck, even then you might not be achieving the success you should be.

If sales is a challenge for you or you feel that your Sales Plan needs a refresh, then this workshop is for you.  You will gain absolute clarity on what makes a great Sales Plan and you will begin building your Sales Plan.  You will leave the workshop knowing the building blocks required to put sales at the heart of your business.

Your new or refreshed Sales Plan will include:

  • Your Sales Objectives
  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Target Customers
  • Your Sales Funnel

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.