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Monday 26th February

The Reality of Employment Law: Real Life Issues and How to Come Out the Other Side

As part of our ongoing programme of training seminars, we have asked employment law solicitor and Director, Toby Pochron, of Freeths LLP to give us a look at the more bizarre cases and subjects that have arisen in employment law in recent years.


Fit this virtual workshop into your day, learning from the comfort of your office or home!


Toby’s talk is called “We didn’t know he was drunk until he turned up to work sober.” Toby draws on his own practice of corporate employment law and his background as a trade union solicitor to cover topics such as:

  • When employment law is annoying;
  • Peculiar employees and their antics; and
  • Common employment law issues and how to avoid them.

This talk will take you through real world and practical examples of weird and wonderful issues that employers have faced and how they have come out the other side. Come and network with like minded business and employers and gain some pragmatic guidance on what to do when an employment law issue arises.

Toby Pochron, Director at Freeths LLP

Toby Pochron is a Director at Freeths LLP and an experienced employment law solicitor, predominately providing legal advice to business with a particular focus on managing employee issues. Find out more about Toby, here.