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Tuesday 12th November

The Importance of Employment Contracts Workshop

Event Venue and Description – The Business Village @BarnsleyBIC, Innovation Way, Barnsley

Over a series of five weeks, Irwin Mitchel LLP will provide a weekly 30 minute workshop to help you and your business deal with some of the common legal issues that you may come across in the following areas:

  • Week 1 – Business Contracts: Do your contracts do exactly what they say on the tin
  • Week 2 – Employment Contracts: The importance of employment contracts and why your employment contracts and policies may need a reboot
  • Week 3 – Insolvency: Being smart and staying ahead of the game
  • Week 4 – Lease Negotiations: Common lease pitfalls to avoid
  • Week 5 – Brexit: What are the implications on a day to day basis

This workshop will provide you with some top tips for the legal issues you may come across in your business in respect of Employment and HR.

The following questions will be discussed during the session along with explaining recent developments in the law that may affect your contracts and policies and help you to decide whether they are fit for purpose.

  • Do you issue contracts?
  • How long has it been since you properly reviewed your employment contracts and policies?
  • Are you confident that they are legally compliant and properly protects your business interests?

Also to be discussed:

  • Notice clauses and why you need to think about how notice is served
  • Why you need to include a deduction from salary clause
  • What your holiday pay clause should included if they are to be legally compliant, and
  • Why you need to get te contract ‘spot on’ if you pay at or near the National Minimum Wage

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.