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Thursday 3rd November

The Future of Remote, Agile, Training on Demand – FREE WEBINAR BY SALES GEEK

Welcome to the Sales Evolution. This interactive session is perfect for: L&D Managers | Business Owners | Sales Directors | Sales People | HR Managers

Date & Time: 6pm – 9pm, on 3rd November 2022

Sales training is difficult to get right!

It can be really difficult to fit the needs of modern organisations. Many training companies offer “online” training but often it’s just the same content delivered via video conferencing software. It doesn’t fit our modern environment and work practices. It doesn’t facilitate learning on the go. It isn’t bespoke to individual and organisational needs. It doesn’t encourage positive engagement or provide interaction on demand.

And it’s expensive, right?

In this webinar we will explore agile, on demand, engaging sales training and how it can work best for modern sales teams & leaders.

We will be showing off the new features and capabilities of the Sales Geek App and how it supports partners and affiliates in their battle to help their clients sell their services and products