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Thursday 1st October

Tax aspects of buying/selling a company – including succession planning

Event Venue and Description – The Double Tree by Hilton, Chesterfield Road South, Sheffield

This event will consider the tax aspects of buying or selling a company to/from a third party as well as shareholders seeking to pass their business on to family.  Tax planning is essential in these situations to optimise the tax position and to avoid simple mistakes which could result in significant tax liabilities.

Topics that will be covered during this event are:

  • The importance of planning as soon as possible to minimise the tax payable on the sale of your company
  • Would you benefit from restructuring your company to optimise your tax position, and how to achieve this?
  • Tax-efficient incentivisation of employees in order to maximise growth and share in any sale proceeds
  • Ensuring the availability of ‘Entrepreneurs Relief’
  • Planning ahead to optimise the tax position on any sale proceeds received
  • How to plan for a tax-efficient company acquisition
  • Should you but the trade and assets or the shares in a company?
  • Tax efficiently passing on the family business, including consideration of:
  • Taking value off the table whilst passing the business on
  • Inheritance tax mitigation
  • Introducing trusts as shareholders to protect the family position
  • Making best use of pensions

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