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Monday 9th November

An overview of the market opportunities in the Electrical Networks and Energy Storage sector in India

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

India is emerging a one of the fastest growing markets for advanced energy storage technologies for both stationary storage and emobility area. The speaker will provide overview of the policy developments and market drivers for both stationary and EV segment during the presentation. India is also looking at partnerships for R&D and manufacturing of advanced energy storage & emobility technologies as part of National Mission for transformative Mobility and Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Manufacturing Mission. Government of India plans $4.6 billion in incentives for battery makers until 2030.

IESA is leading the efforts for policy creation as well as industry academic collaborations to accelerate adoption of these emerging technologies. The UK supply chain will also learn about various IESA initiatives such as

  • MICRO – the microgrid initiative for Campus and Rural Opportunities;
  • MOVE: Moving Onward Vehicle Electrification;
  • Beyond Batteries: Focus on non-electrochemical technologies such as electrical, thermal and gravity based energy storage technologies;
  • MIGHT: Mobility and Infrastructure with Green Hydrogen Technologies; and
  • IESA Fellowships: Opportunities for early carrier researchers to get recognition and interactions with industry

Quality, reliability and affordability of power are the next biggest challenges as well as opportunities at hand for the Indian Power Sector. Sensors across the network are enabling automation and data driven decision making from the consumer to the Utility’s top management. The ongoing pandemic has made the Utilities feel the need for increasing digital maturity and are responding through adoption of digital technology across the value chain. Well poised for an industry wide transformation, the future calls for remote operations with intelligent networks, self-healing grids and customer service standards. This presentation will offers a platform for the UK Supply Chain to understand about the Electrical Networks and Smart Grids sectors in India and explore the various opportunities in the region.

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