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Thursday 9th May

6 Steps to Business Growth – Networking Event

Event Venue and Description – Holiday Inn Barnsley, Barnsley Road, Dodworth, Barnsley

91% of small businesses don’t make their 10th birthday – often because the business owner is working so deeply IN the business they don’t spend enough time working ON their business.

Is your business controlling you or are you controlling your business?  If you had to work out how much you paid yourself for every hour you put into your business, are you one of your best, or worst paid employees?  Improve your business education so that you can earn more.

This event will help you to unlock the knowledge that will help you to rapidly grow your business and increase your profit margins.  You will also learn how to hire, retain, and develop the best team so you can build a business that works without you.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.