Renewal Action Plan

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Read our Renewal Action Plan here.

Building a stronger, greener and fairer economy for South Yorkshire

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt by communities across South Yorkshire and Mayor Dan Jarvis and the Local Enterprise Partnership have developed an ambitious £1.7 billion plan for not just recovery, but renewal.

“Stronger, greener, and fairer: if we can put this vision into practice, we hope that some good may yet come of these difficult times. The plans we’ve set out are ambitious – but the scale of the crisis, and of our untapped potential, demands nothing less.”

James Muir, Chair of the Sheffield City Region LEP

The Renewal Action Plan (RAP) sets out our road map to help South Yorkshire recover from the pandemic and put us on the path towards social and economic renewal. It will help people, employers and places recover, and put us on course to transform our region – making our economy and society stronger, greener and fairer.

The plan also contributes to our longer-term goals and the transformation of our City Region – so we can build back better. The plan shows how we will help:

  • People – supporting people adapt to the new economy and be better able to fill higher-skilled jobs
  • Employers – supporting businesses to adapt, survive and thrive in the new environment
  • Places – transforming our local economies to create jobs, and make our towns and cities stronger

A more productive and innovative economy

We need to build a more productive and more innovative economy for South Yorkshire – not just bigger, but better.

The Renewal Action Plan will make our economy and society:

  • Stronger – an economic transformation to create not just a bigger economy but a better one: higher-tech, higher skill, and higher-value
  • Greener – a green transformation to decarbonise our economy, improve our environment, and revolutionise our transport
  • Fairer – a transformation of wellbeing and inclusion, raising our quality of life, reducing inequality, and widening opportunity

Working with our partners to find solutions

The Renewal Action Plan has been developed in close partnership with local authorities, businesses, trade unions, universities and other partners through the Mayor and the LEP’s COVID response groups.

The changes you can expect to see

In the next 18 months we will:

  • Help people improve their skills, get back to work, remain and/or progress in work, or set up in business
  • Accelerate our Net Zero Carbon transition
  • Back our wealth and job creators
  • Get South Yorkshire moving by foot, bike, bus, tram and train
  • Put cranes in the sky and spades in the ground

Next steps

Our Plan has been submitted to government and the Mayor and the LEP will continue to lobby the Government for the powers and investment we need to unleash our potential.

So far, we have secured funding for the following projects to support the Renewal Action Plan:

We are now exploring what support we can offer using the powers and funding in the recent  Sheffield City Region Devolution Deal to help the region’s people, businesses and places, subject to approval by the Mayoral Combined Authority.