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Thursday 21st September

Wild Business Breakfast

Join Sheffield Sustainability Network and Nature Recovery Sheffield for a breakfast meeting.

We’ve come together to host an online breakfast meeting in September about the challenges

facing our wildlife and special places for nature, and talk about how businesses can help.

As well as a climate crisis, our wildlife is facing a nature emergency. More than 1 in 10 of

over 8,000 species assessed in the 2019 State of Nature Report are at risk of extinction – with

1 in 4 UK mammal species at threat of being lost.

These national declines mirror those seen in our area too, with once common species like

water vole, willow tit and white-clawed crayfish now barely clinging on in very small


Over the past two years, Nature Recovery Sheffield have been working with local people on a

plan to tackle the problems causing these losses – but we need your help too.

If you are a local business, charity or other organisation that is keen on sustainability and

wants to contribute to improving our city for nature, please join us for an informative and

inspiring start to your day.

Sheffield Sustainability Network is a group of like-minded people who are working together

to drive a positive change in how our organisations operate and we can help each other.

Nature Recovery Sheffield is a movement of people working together for the restoration of

nature across our city.

For more details about Sheffield Sustainability Network and Nature Recovery Sheffield,

follow the links below: