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Tuesday 12th January

The FX of Brexit – What’s next for Pound Sterling and what this means for SME currency planning

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

During the webinar Infinity International will provide some thoughts as to the impact of Brexit on FX markets.  Foreign exchange markets have experienced a volatile year with a number of events providing disruption and large swings in rates.  The significant impact of COVID was also seen in currency markets and this session aims to provide some clarity to the moves seen over the course of 2020 and indeed post transition.  This webinar will also outline the likelihood of swings in currencies throughout the start of 2021, along with outlining market forecasts for the key currency pairs which can be used as one tool to assist in assessing the impact of FX on business profitability.

Following this there will be a discussion of the types of preparation SME’s are making to help manage the impact of Brexit and the resulting FX impacts.  Also described, will be the approach FSB are taking  to assist clients with understanding and assessing the type and the nature of FX requirements that may result from changing business activity post transition.  This will be combined with a discussion on how SMEs can identify and manage foreign exchange exposures going forward.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.