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Monday 27th February

Technology You Can (Almost) Touch, Holograms and Mixed Reality (MR) in Huddersfield


Event Venue and Description: 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, Firth StreetHuddersfield, HD1 3BD

There has been much emphasis recently on virtual reality (VR) headsets. VR headsets allow the wearer to enter a virtual environment as part of a game or learning experience and be immersed in that environment. Augmented Reality (AR) goes further and creates a virtual object, usually on a tablet or smart phone screen from transmitted or stored data and a “key” which triggers the visualisation. This has been mainly used in marketing and advertising and permits consumers to “see” and customise a purchase before buying. Released in the UK on 30th November, Microsoft have entered the market with their HoloLens headset using mixed reality (MR).  MR allows the wearer of a headset to still see the “real” world but have holograms superimposed in their line of sight.

Go along to the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre to experience the future, first hand and with one of the first headsets in the region. The event will offer an opportunity for visitors to hear about the potential uses of the HoloLens in Product Design, Engineering, Architecture and Heritage, Hazardous Environments, Healthcare, Training and Computer Gaming and see and try the system. Visitors will also have an opportunity to discuss ideas for possible uses of MR, AR and VR for their businesses with our design and visualisation team.

For booking and further information, please visit the website link provided.