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Wednesday 3rd October

Sustainable Heat Generation & Storage Underground

Event Venue and Description – The Hague

**Maximum of 2 delegates per organisation**

This Nordic Heat Master Class in The Hague, will address the significant opportunities for reducing energy costs and carbon emissions by using former mine workings to store and distribute heat. Adding to natural geothermal heat, excess heat from e.g. industrial processes and energy-from-waste plants can be stored underground. This opens up new opportunities for making district energy even more affordable, available and environmentally friendly. Mine workings also enable the balancing of the most innovative, next generation, city-wide heating and cooling systems in former mining communities, heating and heat storage projects help to bring growth and jobs to areas still struggling to recover after the end of the coal era.

The objective is to highlight the scope and scale of this under-ground opportunity. Mines contain an abundance of low cost, accessible and sustainable heat that can be distributed for community benefit through district heat networks. The conversation will also address other, similar sources of heat e.g. metro transport and sewage systems.  Mines also constitute an unexplored opportunity for storing heat, thereby balancing variations in demand and supply. At the seminar you will explore technologies enabling this, and how this may reduce the costs for installing and operating heat network systems.

Focus –The opportunities of mines will be explored from different angels

  • Technical case – available solutions and ongoing innovation processes
  • Commercial case – business modelling, costs and financing
  • Political case – regulations, social impact and financial support

For further information and details of how to register, please contact Mark Woodward at or 0114 2304722