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Wednesday 23rd September

Sheffield City Region Med Tech Forum 2020

Event Venue and Description: Webinar

Join this webinar to see how Sheffield Hallam University, as part of the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) can work with you to provide support, funding and partnership for projects and applying for grants. The event aims to create opportunities for your business, looking at collaborative ideas and funding ventures to move your business forward.

The following topic will be covered:

  • Introduction by Dr Jillian Newton, Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager and Biomolecular Science Research Centre Research Fellow
  • Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) manager, Ian Henderson to talk about funding available through SIP.
  • Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager, Dr Alice Bullas to discuss how Grow MedTech can help with funding streams and grant applications

This forum was supported and funded by the Sheffield Innovation Programme and Grow MedTech programme

Sheffield Hallam University have a long and successful career of working with industry and their focus will be to showcase research possibilities and funding streams. Here are just a few examples of their working relationships with chemical companies ranging from large multinational to SME’s.

AquaLabs, a local SME that develop fertilisers and plant health products worked with Professor Neil Bricklebank at SHU to develop methods for the determination of active compounds in plants. The development achieved robust methods that can be utilised for further studies as well as the marketing aspect of university collaborations creating a more dynamic and competitive portfolio for AquaLab in the European market

WRD, a Sheffield based waste recycling company worked with Dr Jillian Newton at SHU to determine ways to optimise biogas yield from waste food produce. The findings of the study created knowledge that would significantly increase potential profits for the company

Croda, an international chemical company worked with Professor Malcolm Clench, SHU to develop methods for the study of drugs in skin. The project paid for a joint PhD studentship, who spent time between both partners resulting in the development of robust methods, published research outputs and further collaborations between Croda and SHU.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.