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Tuesday 27th October

Race inequalities in the workplace

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

The coronavirus pandemic is now known to disproportionately affect particular people more than others.
Marking Black history month, Acas has released a new webinar that explains the law around race and discrimination, how coronavirus has affected BAME people and how workplaces can support race equality.
This free webinar will:
  • Explain race as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act
  • State the types of race discrimination in the workplace
  • Highlight research regarding the particular effect the coronavirus has had on some communities and people
  • Explain what actions employers may take to support race equality
Supported by Acas senior advisors who will be ready to answer your specific questions, this free webinar is essential for anyone wanting to understand the basics of race equality and racism in the workplace and wants to start putting measures in place to make a difference where they work.
For further details of how to register, please follow the link provided.