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Monday 22nd June

Public Relations – Building goodwill for your business

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

This session will start by identifying what is meant by public relations (PR) – and, more importantly, what isn’t. PR isn’t about handling the media or part of your marketing mix.

It’s instead about establishing goodwill between your organisation, your stakeholders, and your publics – and that sometimes means that it’s you that needs to adapt, not them.

This is especially important during Covid-19 and case studies will be covered from the present situation as illustrations throughout the workshop.

You will then consider what is meant by a stakeholder and a public, considering them in terms of the porosity of any modern business.

The session then moves on to discuss four models of public relations and the suggestion that only one is appropriate in the twenty first century.

It’s then time to consider how to draft your PR campaign. To do this, you will be shown the CREATE/VALUE framework for Public Relations, which sets out the:

  • Context in which your organisation is operating
  • Results you are seeking to achieve
  • Execution that this demands, in terms of strategy and tactics
  • Assignments both internal and external this requires
  • Tests to put in place as you work on the campaign
  • Evaluation at the end to learn lessons for the future

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.