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Friday 15th January

Managing Transfer Pricing, Covid-19 and BEPS Issues

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

Transfer Pricing (TP) is a major strand of tax DNA that mainly affects multi-national corporations (MNCs) operating across international boundaries. This invasive principle demands that group members of MNCs price their goods and services between them on an arm’s length basis. This helps tackle the long-held practice of shifting profits artificially out of high tax environments into low tax environments.

The principles of TP were set out by the OECD and have undergone changes since their inception, most recently following the Basal Erosion and Profits Shifting (BEPS) programme actions. These rules lay down a number of methods that MNCs should adopt depending on the service or goods involved in the transaction, with some being easier to apply than others.

But TP is not just an international issue; it is also a national issue within the UK and will affect the prices that UK groups of companies charge between them.

From a pharma viewpoint with COVID-19, vaccines are being developed and distributed in the UK. This will require reviews of supply chains in big pharmaceutical companies, which may have changes as a result of the vaccination programmes.

This webinar, Hosted by BPP’s Michael Steed and Garry Buick, will explore how to manage Transfer Pricing against the backdrop of COVID-19 and BEPS Issues. They will also be joined by acclaimed tax consultant and lecturer Jeremy Mindell to cover:

  • TP developments, such as BEPS 2.0, which reviews the original BEPS project and also has practical implications for TP
  • Functional analysis of the pharma supply chains, along with a relevant case study
  • An introduction to BPP’s TP programme, including details on its modular approach, principles and fundamentals, TP documentation and practical implementation

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.