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Tuesday 26th May

Maintain, Manage & Maximise your Customer Relationships – A 3D Approach

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

The world is in ‘interesting’ times and for many, there’s a lack of certainty, there’s a lack of customers and there’s a lack of money!

In this stimulating session, business competitiveness expert Andy Hanselman will share some insights into how winning businesses are taking a ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ approach to maintaining, managing and maximising their customer relationships.

He’ll offer you tools and techniques to help you do the same and take a ‘3D’ approach. No ‘heavy selling’ or ‘hyped marketing’, but practical ideas to help you not just survive, but thrive in the current situation with your customers and to maximise the opportunities that will be there when all this ends!

You’ll learn how 3D Businesses proactively…

• ‘Get In Touch’ with their customers and demonstrate their human side
• ‘Delight’ them by exceeding expectations
• Find ways to ‘engage’ with them that adds value and makes a difference
• Build trust by listening to them, identifying their issues and problems, and taking them away
• Find ways to differentiate themselves and build long trusting relationships

It’s a chance to identify how your business measures up and establish the key steps you need to take to maximise your customer relationships during and after this crisis. Andy will provide you with a template to help you develop your own ‘plan of action’.

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