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Wednesday 1st April

Leading Change for Business Success

Event Venue and Description – Mount Pleasant, Great North Road, Rossington, Doncaster

It is critical that organisations change to keep ahead of the competition, to meet customer needs and to take advantage of new technology and thinking.  Everyone is subject to change in one way or another.

Why then do so many organisations fall short of successfully implementing change?  Why do they fail to recognise that even the smallest changes will have an immediate and often long-term impact on performance when not appropriately managed?  Failure to recognise and take appropriate action at each stage of the change is costly both in terms of revenue and staff morale.

This seminar helps participants understand the effects of change, the likely reaction and impact on the people and the business.  It defines practical ways to lead and manage people through the transition of change and to be better equipped for the next change ahead.  It is designed for anyone who runs a business, be it large or small, and believes that their organisation may be subject to change in the near future.

Business in the UK has never been on the brink of a greater change than now, and if those changes are not implemented in a planned and coherent manner they simply will not work, or deliver the results that are required.  Change is ever present in every organisation, sometimes it is slow and gradual, and sometimes it is profound and overpowering, hopefully you may not experience the latter but you will undoubtedly encounter the former and you need to be ready.

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