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Thursday 14th July

International Trading in the EU Post Brexit

Price for Members: £275.00 plus VAT
Price for Non Members: £350.00 plus VAT

For more details: or 01302 640124

This course offers a review of changes that have taken place for intra-EU trade post-Brexit, with a view to de-mystifying export and import documentation.

It will look at the role of “third-party” agents in the trading process, while also covering origin procedures, customs entry, as well as VAT options for moving goods inbound and outbound from the EU.

During the course of the workshop, delegates are encouraged to discuss challenges specific to their own business, as part of the learning process. All information shared is treated with utmost confidentiality.

The course content includes:

Imports and Export Invoices

  • A breakdown of the information needed for imports and export invoices
  • An explanation of Tariff codes / Origin / Incoterms / CPC code.

The Free Trade Agreement

  • An overview of the EU-UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement
  • Clarification of the Rules of Origin Clarified
  • An overview of evidence documentation.

Third Party Agents

  • The Role of the Freight Forwarder and Customs Agent – and what to expect of them.


  • Analysis of Commercial, origin and regulatory documents involved in the export sale or import transaction, including instructions on completing them
  • Commercial documents, quotations, invoices and packing lists
  • An explanation of the difference between preferential and non-preferential origin documents
  • The proof of export documents – including bills of lading, airwaybills and certificates of shipment
  • The Customs Entry explained
  • Payment mechanisms and a review of the documents needed to ensure payment.

Special Customs Procedures

  • An overview of UK Customs procedures that may help your business legally avoid import duty and VAT and the criteria that needs to be fulfilled.