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Tuesday 23rd June

International Trade – Going global after Brexit

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

Brexit and Covid-19 have demonstrated the significance of international trade to the UK economy. What opportunities are there for your business in the ‘new economy’?

The workshop focuses on exports, rather than imports, outlining the whole process, including the export documents required.

It will explain why letters of credit are important, discussing the roles of the parties, clarifying the procedures, and recommending practical ways in which exporters can adopt best practice to ensure payment every time.

The session then looks at how you can leverage trade instruments to win export contracts, SMART exporting, and credit referencing.

A discussion on the value of importing then highlights the importance of finding good suppliers, making sure they offer what you want and negotiating the right deal.

Although the focus is on exports, the session will also consider the terminology, procedures, and documentation that faces importers.

This includes a look at supplier selection, risk evaluation, supply chain, delivery terms, payment methods, clearing agents, and our responsibilities to HMRC.

The workshop ends by looking at next steps and where to get to help.

What will you learn?

  • What the export process is, with key terminology, procedures, and documentation
  • How trade agreements work and the importance of letters of credit
  • The way in which leverage trade instruments can help you win export contracts
  • Techniques to retain control through the export cycle
  • What support is available from the Department for International Trade and UKEF
  • Best practice in evaluating risks and carrying out supplier due diligence
  • Terminology, procedures, documentation, and responsibilities when importing
  • The role of a clearing agent and how to select one right for you
  • How to comply with trade sanctions and anti-money laundering regulations
  • The impact of Brexit and Covid-19 on international trade

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.