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Wednesday 27th May

Innovation – creating more value for your customers

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

This session will start by discussing the purpose of business: to create value for its customer. Yet customer satisfaction is also a function of expectations – and the problem is that the latter demand more and more over time. The solution to this ‘ratchet’ is continual innovation.

To explain why, you will be asked what innovation means – and reiterate that it is about the value we create for the customer, rather than our technologies or even our product.

The question is how to identify innovative bundles of value – and, to do this, you will look at the innovation circle. The session will then explore how to manage the process through stage gates.

The spotlight then shifts from supply to demand with a look at innovation models. How do new ways of creating value spread through a market? What is the hype cycle?

The session ends with the idea of disruptive innovation, contrasting it with sustaining innovations, and ask how you can avoid the “innovator’s dilemma’.

What will you learn?

• how to use the BCG matrix to categorise your product line
• which tools help you identify your potential business scope
• why the Ansoff matrix is an essential tool to explore growth strategy
• the importance of price and income elasticity of demand
• how to apply HDDF to forecast demand in a new market
• the merits of adopting a Blue Ocean strategy and the best way to do so.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.