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Friday 1st May

Financial Modelling – making the right decisions for the long-term

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

The session will start by discussing how financial modelling helps to make better business decisions, before looking at the options available to start up and scale up businesses. As some will be more suitable for you than others, the pros and cons of each will be identified.

The group is then introduced to key financial ratios, with an emphasis on demystifying the terminology and building confidence. This highly practical discussion underlines the importance of quality information to effective strategy.

It is then time to consider what other analytical tools are available, which leads into a discussion of what investors and lenders expect to see before they advance funds.

As well as choosing the right type of model, it’s also important to find the right overall approach so you will discuss how best to do this.

Covid-19 has also made clear the importance of contingencies in any financial model and, perhaps, generating multiple forecasts to cover different levels of government support or periods of ‘lockdown’.

The workshop ends by looking at what resources are available and where to get more help.

What will you learn?

• what financial modelling involves
• its importance, implication, and utility
• types of financial models and when you use each one
• the key steps for building models suitable for you
• understand the relationship between items in the financial statements
• key concepts, analytical tools, and practical techniques to apply in your own business
• useful spreadsheet formulas, functions, and shortcuts.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.