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Tuesday 30th January

Developing a Compelling Value Proposition

Event Venue and Description: Digital Media Centre, County Way, Barnsley, S70 2JW

Why do customers buy your product or service? You may say it’s the price or the quality. Others may say it’s because their product is unique. No matter what you think the reason is, it’s because you have demonstrated value to your customers.

Understanding your customers and how your product or service delivers value to them is key to gaining more customers. If you can understand your Value Proposition then you can see how best to get that information across to your existing target market and see if you can deliver value to any different markets.

In this session you will cover: –

–  Really understanding your different customer segments and what they want
–  Understanding how your product offers solutions to your customers problems
–  Look at ‘What if we….’ situations and the effect they could have on your business.

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