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Wednesday 20th May

COVID-19 – Remote Working through the Coronavirus Recession

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

We’ve entered an era of accelerated business darwinism. The IMF has warned this could be the deepest recession since The Great Depression. Many good businesses won’t survive.

As trends accelerate and collide we will continue to see shocks knock our normal ways of business. To thrive, your business needs to be both agile and effective in working as a remote team.

Study after study after study shows that remote teams are more productive. And the opportunities for businesses go far beyond the ability to outperform “normal” co-located teams. But that’s only if you and your team can manage remote work effectively.

This webinar will cover the essential fundamentals required for effective remote agile working it will then walk through how to implement as a framework in your business.

During the webinar the following areas will be covered:

  • The 8 compounding principles of an effective agile remote workforce, and how you can fix your gaps with quick wins now.
  • Why a simple daily pulse, with a weekly stand-up and retrospective will solve your most common remote working challenges.
  • How to shift your team’s mindset to management by outcomes so that they can focus on creating real value.
  • Why you need an internal “communication triangle”… and to either restrict internal email, slack and zoom – or remove them completely.
  • Which management responsibilities you need to delegate to the team so that they can self-manage effectively (and the templates to do it with).
  • Why culture and authentic connection remains critical in remote working. And how this is perhaps the greatest opportunity to act on now.
  • Best practice examples from world class 100% remote businesses, that you can apply in your business immediately.
  • Links to the resources, tools and templates will be provided

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.