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Tuesday 23rd June

Chamber Foreign Exchange Virtual Clinic

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

Ordinarily, trading abroad offers significant opportunities. However, the variable global economy, in particular the volatility in foreign exchange, brings increased risks for SMEs. If you buy or sell goods and services from companies based overseas, then your cash flow and revenue may be impacted by Covid-19, as it is having a significant effect on financial markets never seen before, significantly affecting currency rates.

Unstable currency values means costs from overseas don’t remain static and makes revenue difficult to regulate. This uncertainty generates a measure of risk, which makes it difficult to implement accurate forecasts and puts pressure on the bottom line.

Andy Dobson from MoneyCorp will be available to discuss any foreign exchange questions or concerns that you may have. He will also be able to discuss challenges with international payments that you may have and explain the additional benefits that Chamber Foreign Exchange could offer you.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.