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Thursday 4th August

Chamber Digital: Virtual Roundtable on Doncaster’s Innovation Districts


Our Virtual Roundtable series of events offer a facilitated discussion on a wide range of business-relevant topics.

They are a unique opportunity to hear about new developments across the borough and wider region, as well as contribute to shaping future strategy and influence the support that will make a difference to your business.

This session will focus on Doncaster’s Innovation Districts and how you can influence future priorities and focus for Doncaster Council and other Team Doncaster partners in this space. 

In 2018, Doncaster set out its ambition for an economy that promoted inclusive growth “to enable Doncaster people, places and businesses to enjoy improved prosperity by participating in a growing and productive economy.”

Since 2018, Doncaster, alongside regional, national and international systems, has seen drastic change and emergent thinking that has questioned the role of the economy.

New ‘drivers for change’ have emerged… collectively there has been a prominence of the climate and bio-diversity crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic has evaluated the very nature of our relationships as people, the places we live and the planet we nurture. Increased inequalities and a cost of living hardships has also brought increases focus on the need to do more.

Doncaster has set out some of our answers and visions for these problems, with a new borough strategy emphasising the need to improve wellbeing of people, places and planet, a net-zero by 2040 target and a new model for education & skills. We are now in the process of developing a new Economic Strategy to focus in on the economies role for this new future, an economy that is regenerative and inclusive.

The views of business are critical in shaping the strategy and its key areas of focus/priorities. Business are one of the drivers and developers of the economy, and its success will require a coordinated and collaborative approach between all parts of our economy. Put simply, we cannot deliver for Doncaster without the input, buy-in and views of our businesses. We want to develop this strategy with you.

This roundtable series is therefore a key moment in the development of the strategy (dates and topics subject to change)

30th May 2022 – Economic Strategy Development Launch Roundtable
16th June – Circular Economy
13th July – A new approach to skills and lifelong employment
tbc  July – Supporting ex-offenders through employment

4th August – Doncaster’s Innovation Districts
12th September – Economic Strategy Priority Discussion
tbc September – International Doncaster

5th October – Final Strategy Discussion

We want your voice, your input and your insight to develop a strategy that works for Doncaster’s people, places and the planet

For all webinars you are required to make a ZOOM account so you can attend. Please follow the link below to create an account

Once you have booked on you will be sent instructions on how to join the session