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Wednesday 5th August

Chamber Digital – How harnessing the power of CSR will transform your business’ future

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

This webinar will be presented by Philip Webb Founder of Investors in Community:

Some call it CSR, others call it Giving back, or Responsible business. This is a message for businesses of all sizes, as it impacts everyone.

Myth #1 This will cost us time and money – NOT SO. Properly done a CSR strategy drives productivity and profit, it enhances your brand, promotes increased sales through tenders and proposals, delivers staff engagement and retention, promotes your business and its values at every turn, and makes your business more sustainable.

Myth #2 We do this already, so that box is covered – NOT SO – as external verification of your CSR work is needed, for both sales and tenders, but also for CSR Accreditations and, in the future, for your annual reporting via accounts submissions.

This is a serious subject for any business leader. To harness the power of CSR within your business will transform its future, and project your business brand far beyond that of traditional means.

This is one of the best hours you will spend, as we emerge from pandemic, and view the changed world – will you have the knowledge to harness the drivers, or will you just run alongside for a while?

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.