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Tuesday 21st April

Chamber Digital: COVID-19 Insurance, Avoiding Disputes and Building Resilience

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

This session will be hosted by Richard Wilson from Knights PLC covering:

• A brief run through of insurance policies that may respond in the current circumstances;
• Tips on how to avoid disputes which are relevant now and in the future; and
• Simple steps to take if a dispute looks unavoidable.

Some common insurance policies may respond to provide cover to assist with losses caused during the current pandemic but there are other ways to protect a business too. Businesses can avoid disputes by ensuring that their internal teams are efficient and act as uniformly as possible against agreed policies and procedures. Getting these policies and procedures right for a business is key and can help to limit risk, cost and damage to reputation. Importantly, they can also help to preserve critical commercial relationships. The same steps can also help make businesses more resilient when disputes arise or when markets are at their toughest. If a dispute does arise, there’s a few simple steps all businesses can take to put themselves in a better position.

This webinar is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. It should not be relied upon in place of legal advice specific to your situation..

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