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Wednesday 4th May

Building Resilience to Cyber Crime and Fraud in 2022

The invasion of Ukraine is making many consider how unfriendly states might use cyber operations against UK entities as there has been a succession of cyber attacks against Ukraine with international consequences.

Be it online banking, email or social media, the internet is now such an integral part of our lives that it’s difficult to imagine how our businesses would function without it. UK organisations are therefore being strongly encouraged to strengthen their online defences to reduce the risk of falling victim to a cyber attack.

Though you may not consider yourself a likely target, in the last year two in five UK businesses were subject to some form of cyber attack. With the ongoing global sanctions and uncertainty, the best approach is to make sure your systems are as resilient as you can reasonably make them.

By joining this webinar you can increase your understanding of the most common types of cyber crime and fraud, and take steps to prevent cyber criminals getting hold of your accounts, data, and devices.

The event is open to any organisation within the Northern Powerhouse region.