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Thursday 3rd October

Brexit Readiness Webinar – Chemicals Sector

Event Venue and Description – Webinar

Get ready for Brexit. To avoid disruption following the UK’s exit from EU, traders and hauliers must take the right actions and have the right paperwork in place to enable their goods to pass through controls.  The UK Government Border Delivery Group (BDG) are arranging a series of webinars targeted at EU businesses which will provide clarity on what is expected of them, their clients and their supply chain, as they look to trade goods across the border.

This webinar will be targeted at businesses operating within the Chemicals sector, and will focus on summarising customs procedures upon the UK’s exit from the EU, in particular covering goods leaving and entering the UK.  Key points will be highlighted to help you to fully understand what you need to do to prepare for Brexit, including;

  • The Common Transit Convention (CTC)
  • VAT
  • Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSPs)
  • Overview of regulators changes with regards to Chemicals

The objectives of this webinar will be:

  • to take stock of the processes and procedures which will apply after the UK exit from the EU
  • to summarise regulatory changes relevant to businesses operating within and around the Chemicals sector
  • to promote and emphasise the need for Brexit readiness preparations; and
  • to answer questions provided in advance

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.