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Tuesday 11th February

Advanced Cooling with Carbon Dioxide and MQL

Event Venue and Description – AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre, Brunel Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham

Now running in its fourth year, this one-day event will let you explore the state of the art in supercritical carbon dioxide coolants in advanced machining for the most demanding industries and applications.

The Nuclear AMRC is leading research into supercritical CO2 cooling for challenging machining tasks, and combining it with minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) techniques for optimum performance.  The technology has been show to reduce tool ear compared to traditional oil-based coolants, but needs further R&D to optimise cutting conditions for the most demanding tasks.

This event brings together world leaders from industry and research, to share their innovative work with the supply chain.  The first confirmed speakers come from the University of Ljubljana and Nuclear Energy Components Ltd, with more to come.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.