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Tuesday 5th February

A Post-Brexit Plan: Maintaining EU relations through Malta

Event Venue and Description: Webinar

Due to the changing landscape in the UK, businesses need to be ready for the introduction of new rules and policies within a post-Brexit world. Chetcuti Cauchi is organising webinars designed to educate those interested in preparing for the changes that await as the UK gears up to leave the EU, and focuses on Malta as an ideal jurisdiction for the UK-based insurance industry in search of post-Brexit solutions.

This webinar will focus on upholding Insurance Standards outside of the UK and will cover the following topics:

  • Malta: the ideal jurisdiction for Insurance.
  • Hard Brexit: What are the implications?
  • Corporate structures within a regulatory setting: Creating a framework for EU business.
  • What are the latest developments from a tax perspective?
  • What can Malta offer your business? Benefits & incentives within the island’s Insurance Industry.
  • The future of Intellectual Property law and how to safeguard your assets.
  • Talent in Insurance: Immigration, Tax, Social Security and Mobility.

For further information and details of how to register, please follow the link provided.