Advice for employees and individuals affected by Coronavirus

For many, life as we know it has changed, job losses and uncertainty are hitting workers hard. You can find support in the following key areas:

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Rebate Scheme

The Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme repays employers the current rate of SSP for periods of sickness that started on or after 13 March 2020. This refund will cover up to two week’s SSP per eligible employee who has been off work because they either: have Coronavirus and cannot work because they are self-isolating, or if they are shielding in-line with public health guidance.

You can use the scheme as an employer if:

  • You’re claiming for an employee who’s eligible for sick pay due to Coronavirus
  • You had a PAYE payroll scheme that was created and started on or before 28 February 2020
  • You had fewer than 250 employees on 28 February 2020

The online service you’ll use to reclaim SSP is not available yet. HMRC will announce when the service is available. You are advised to keep records of all the statutory sick payments that you want to claim from HMRC, including:

  • The reason why an employee could not work
  • Details of each period when an employee could not work, including start and end dates
  • Details of the SSP qualifying days when an employee could not work
  • National Insurance numbers of all employees who you have paid SSP to

Your Local authority can provide you with financial support if you are self-employed or on a low income, out of work or on a zero hours contract, with the Hardship fund.

Jobcentre Plus can help you with Universal Credit should you have less that £16,000 in savings be self-employed, on a low include or out of work, please apply directly to Job Centre Plus. The Government has suspended the minimum income required to allow temporary applications.

Equally, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) is available and aims to support you in times of self-isolation and sickness, with a quick turnaround of financial support.

You may wish to take a Mortgage Payment Holiday through your mortgage lender. Private Landlords are being offered a 3-month mortgage payment holiday on Buy to Let mortgages for property owners to cover the costs of rent for tenants who are unable to work because of the lockdown. New legislation means that landlords will not be able to evict tenants for non-payment of rent during times of national crises. Landlords will need to arrange payment plans with tenants for rent arrears after the 3-month period.

Mental Health at work

Click here to download the Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources Pack.