Brexit Information, Advice and Guidance

Planning for Brexit presents both opportunities and challenges for SCR businesses and there is a wealth of guidance available to help businesses think and prepare for the future.

SCR Brexit Planning Tool

The ‘Brexit Planning Tool’ has been developed to enable senior managers and directors within your business to take a view on where your strengths lie and where you may be vulnerable – both pre and post Brexit.

What does it cover?

The 6 business areas covered in the self-diagnostic include; Business Planning & Strategy; Innovation; Sales & Marketing; Export; People & Skills; and Finance.

Upon completion, your business will receive a personalised report, which will make some suggestions on recommendations for actions to undertake in planning for opportunities, both pre and post Brexit, together with signposting to resources that are available to you and events and useful tools and information that you may choose to employ.

The tool isn’t a replacement for continual internal evaluation and effective business planning against the risks and vulnerabilities, but can be used as a really useful step in developing a targeted approach to respond to the challenges around Brexit.

How do I access it?

By completing a simple questionnaire, which is based on a self-assessment approach, you and your business will get a clear overview of risk points, which will allow you to assess where planning and preparation is most required as a result of Brexit.

This self-assessment tool is designed to be completed by members of your company management team that have oversight of all operations and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

To start your own self-assessment, simply access here:


Brexit Advice from Government

The Government has produced preparation guidance for 9 main areas that will change when the UK leaves the EU.
Please click on a section below to find out how to prepare.

Brexit Advice and Guidance

Below is a selection of Brexit Support Resources offering advice and guidance to businesses located in the Sheffield City Region.


The GOV.UK website contains information on how to prepare your business or organisation for the UK leaving the EU and offers guidance on the steps you may need to take. This resource offers various guidance tools and features information from Government Departments. This site also features support and guidance relating to Exporting, Importing, No Deal Scenario, Sector Specific Information and Intellectual Property  Guidance.

Access GOV.UK

There is also a wealth of advice focussing specifically on the sector of your business which is constantly updated.

Brexit Guidance for Your Business

European Commission

The European Commission offer information on how Brexit will affect companies if they partake in certain processes. There is a checklist for traders on the website and publications that can be accessed. The European Commission website provides National Contacts information, Factsheets, VAT information and further Checklists for businesses to complete.

Access European Commission Resources

Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade offer information and guidance relating to Exporting, Importing and have a specific section relating to EU exit enquiries from UK based businesses. The Department for International Trade have also created videos on the UK leaving the EU, explaining how trade will work and if there will be any changes.

Access DIT Resources

More Support


Federation of Small Businesses provide business owners with a Small Business Brexit Pack. FSB have created this pack to help smaller businesses understand the Withdrawal Agreement and understand the range of ‘end state’ scenarios that are possible, specifically relating to five scenarios.  This pack also contains further reading resources and reports on some of FSB’s research into Brexit.

Access FSB Brexit Pack

Chambers of Commerce:

The British Chambers of Commerce have created a Business Brexit Checklist to help prepare your business. The Checklist aims to help businesses plan for the future and address potential issues for when Britain leaves the EU.

Access Chamber Brexit Checklist