Webinar Library


On this page you have on-demand access to some of our previous specialist webinars and workshops. From help with your finances, to expert conversations with some of our specialists, our previous events could help your business and employees excel.

Follow the links below to access the webinars.


Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Masterclass

Growth Hub advisor Amanda Ryalls led this webinar in January. It was designed to help employers that want to support the health and wellbeing of staff during lockdown and as they return to the workplace following the pandemic.

Often very well-meaning business leaders and line managers are unsure where to start and what to do in this respect. Watching this webinar will help to provide hints and tips about what you can do, and how you can do it to be most effective.

Watch the webinar here.

Financial Difficulties Series

In this series of videos, advisors Steve Carroll and Paul Moorhead guide you through how to spot financial troubles within your business and how to try to overcome them. There are six videos within the series, which will be released one by one, with the first video premiering here on Monday 15th March.

Visit the series page here.

Marketing and Branding Conversation with Alexa Greaves and Steve McKevitt

LEP Board Member Alexa Greaves and Growth Hub marketing specialist Steve McKevitt discuss what businesses can do whilst in lockdown – and coming out of it – to keep consumers engaging with their brand.

Watch the conversation here.